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Make Limitless Impressions

Advertise on India's largest growing digital billboard
network with just a click of a mouse

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What's in it for you.

Have your advertisement seen by millions of people on the go, geo target your audience on India's largest growing network of digital billboards

Geo-target your audience

Target your audience based on
your market geography

Create Slideshow

Use logo, text & stickers over
Images to create a slideshow

Track your ROI

Unique insights, transparency
& complete control over your ad-spends


Grab Attention

Customers don't just glance - they engage, infact they
spend measurably longer looking


Tell your brand's story

Whether it's building awareness about your business or introducing
new products, we can help people learn more about your brand

Spread the word out

Promote your brand by campaigning your advertisement across
Indoor & outdoor out of home media